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Help me come up with topics or ideas for a Seinfeld trivia contest!

I am in charge of coming up with Seinfeld trivia during a festivous party. There will be different levels of Seinfeld knowledge from extremely knowledgeable very little knowledge. How can I make it fun for everyone?

The party will be broken up into 2 groups with equal knowledge on each side. In the past we have had 2 parts to the trivia contest. Part 1 is Seinfeld related. Part 2 is only tangibly related to Seinfeld and therefore hopefully appeals to a larger group usually involving a "name as many as possible"

Past examples:
name all of Seinfeld's girlfriends.
name as many NBC sitcoms during the 90s as possible.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas of what the questions could be and or other ways to conduct the trivia that could be fun? I am good with looking up answers, but not so good with actually coming up with the questions/ideas.

I need a festivous miracle.
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What about famous guest starts who were not famous when they were on the show?
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Maybe throw in some "cranium" style categories groups can choose from - performing, drawing, etc to go along with the straight up trivia.

Having two people from each group attempting to enter the room like Kramer and then comparing their attempt to a video clip to choose the winner could be a fun example for performing. For drawing, see if a group can guess that an artist with their eyes closed is trying to draw a marble rye within 30 seconds, etc etc.
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Please include an Elaine dance-off
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There seem to be more than a few Seinfeld trivia web sites that you can probably mine for questions. Hopefully they all aren't using the same 10 questions.
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Name as many fictional movies from Seinfeld as you can.
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Any shady businesses/outrageous stories/etc. dealing with Kramer's friend Bob Sacamano seem like a good basis for a category. He's never seen, but is mentioned a surprising number of times.
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Who were the three Breaking Bad actors who appeared on episodes of Seinfeld?
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Former SNL cast members (other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who have appeared on the show.
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How about 'setting' questions for well-known lines?
Along the lines of
What kind of establishment was Elaine's restroom in when she asked "Can you spare a square ?"
What type of event was George at when he double-dipped?
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How about which relative said this? Then have a quote and the answer could be either of George's or Jerry's parents, Jerry's or Uncle Leo. Another one on this vein could be which of Elaine's bosses said this and the bosses are Mr. Lippman, Mr. Pitt, J. Peterman.

Definitely could have a whole series of questions about food. Or something about list all the food moments in Seinfeld as you can remember: there is the muffin top episode, the deli meat slicer episode, the one where Kramer puts a garbage disposal in his shower so he can cook in it, the one where George eats a doughnut from the trash, the babka, soup nazi, etc.

Could have a list of catchphrases: Newman!, These pretzels are making me thirsty, Not that there's anything wrong with that, spongeworthy, bad breakeruper, yada yada yada, etc.
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George's jobs/bosses would be a good category, especially the ones he makes up. Sure, everyone remembers when he worked for the Yankees, but there was also the time he pretended to be a marine biologist, Kruger Industrial Smoothing, the time he worked for his father (the Serenity Now episode).
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George walked in on his parents "doing it" where?
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People who have watched many or all of the Seinfeld episodes might enjoy having to guess in which season a particular story element happened. "Soup Nazi", "the show about nothing", "parking garage", "fusilli Jerry", "pez dispenser" are some that immediately come to mind.
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I used to watch Seinfeld and there was one episode I always wanted to see again, but never was able to (this was pre-Tivo, etc). It's the one that runs backwards, The Betrayal. I swear some episodes were on over and over, but I never ran across this one a second time. Without bothering to look up actual air statistics, I'd say that you should base some harder questions on this episode.
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How does one spell "festivus"?

I like Tandem Affinity's idea about setting questions - this works well for people who have seen the shows but won't remember in which season they occurred. Perhaps a quote as the prompt and the setting as the answer. Some could be easy ("No soup for you!" -> in a soup restaurant) and others more challenging.

You could also steal a page from Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me's playbook and come up with two situations that sound Seinfeld-esque and one actual situation from Seinfeld and ask the groups to identify which is the real one.
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Quote game: pick a Kramer quote and mix it in with other nonsensical quotes (Dubya Bush?) They have to guess which quote actually came from Kramer.
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Which characters act as witnesses for the prosecution in the finale? (you could do a which-ones-did-which-ones-didn't list to make this easier)
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Stan The Caddy is a favorite Seinfeld site of mine. When in doubt, just wander the aisles and see what happens. A lot of great information!
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