Looking for a good/high-quality print-maker in the Willamette Valley
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Hi MetaFilter! I'm looking for a good printer-maker in the Willamette Valley, Oregon region. Anywhere from Eugene to Portland proper, but a shop than can produce high-quality prints (preferably something along the line of the new Giclée printing process, but not necessarily Giclée prints).

I've got at least two sets of art that I want to turn into prints, distinctly different styles. Both will be printed from computer files. If anybody has recommendations about what file format to use to get the best print quality, I'm all ears. I was originally going to use TIFF or JPG (because I'm assuming that most printers can handle this), but if there's a different preferred method I'd love to hear about it.
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I'm not sure if they do anything to that caliber, but I've worked with Pinball Publishing in Portland and they're pretty fantastic. I've not used them for fine art printing, but extensively for commercial printing and screening. They do good, honest work and they're the friendliest evar.
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I never had commercial word done by Seizure Palace - I only ever saw the work Nick did when he made posters for noise brunches at our house, and I dunno if he's still involved - but every scrap of commercial work I've seen of theirs has been stunning.

On preview: furnace.heart's review of Pinball is very accurate.
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I'm sure there are many, many shops that would do exactly what you want. You might have good luck with Precision Digital in Portland. I can attest to them having an exceptional prepress/graphics guy who is both friendly AND an expert. They also have a virtually brand new large format inkjet that they have been using to print fine art prints on canvas. Unless you get really unlucky I think you have many good options.

Pinball also would get my vote if they do that sort of work. I'm not sure they do. I just know for a fact that Precision does that sort of thing.
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Precision and Pinball are blocks from each other, and I know most of the time you could stroll into either one and get some questions answered. So if you're close or already had an errand in town...

Depending on the size and quantity you want, a shop with an HP Indigo press can do exceptional quality short-run prints on uncoated paper.

You'll definitely need to shop around.
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