Trying to find a restaurant with dishes named after government orgs?
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I remember hearing about a restaurant with dishes named after city organizations. For example, the "department of sanitation sandwich" or the "FDNY sandwich." It is probably in NYC. It may have shut down. Can you help me find this restaurant?
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It's not the one in City Island from this NY Times article is it?
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Ben's Best Deli has a somewhat similar naming scheme featuring local politicians and businesses.
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Chick and Ruth's Deli in Annapolis, MD.
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Best answer: It's the 7th Avenue Donut Shop, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Grub Hub link. Seamless link. They are open 24 hours.

They have a whole set of sandwiches named after city workers, under "Our Favorite Sandwiches," the best of course being the Sanitation Sandwich ("Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers on multigrain").

They also used to(?) have a whole line of paninis named after military personnel. The best was the POW-MIA Panini ("Grilled chicken, ham and Swiss cheese. Served on flat bread dry with a small mesclun salad"). They seem to have taken them off their Grub Hub menu, though. I'm worried someone told them they're offensive.

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Response by poster: Oh! Yes. I remember now— It was 7th avenue donut shop. Hilarious!

This has been bothering me for weeks, so thank you for the response.
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