Caviar of the Month club?
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I'd like to get a relative a "caviar of the month club" subscription--probably for only three or four months, due to cost. Do you have any experience in this and can you recommend a place? Google turns up a number of options, but I know nothing about caviar, and I don't want to choose some fly-by-night operation that will send a tin of shoe polish every month...
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I recognize the challenges in finding something for that hard-to-gift relative, but before you move forward, I'd throw out a couple of thoughts, FWIW:

(1) my experience with wine of the month, beer of the month, cheese of the month, whatever of the month... is that there's a high probability of getting whatever is leftover that we need to dump as quickly as possible of the month. Quality control does not tend to be a priority. Especially since most people get these as gifts and no one is mean enough to call their in-laws and say that sherry-of-the-month is complete crap every single month. That may be acceptable in an alcoholic beverage, but I would bee very wary of off-brand caviar. Fish eggs go bad pretty easily, and when they do it can be pretty spectacular.

(2) Some, not all, caviar is associated with negative ecological consequences, and the fish that produce it is endangered. There are in fact treaties and laws on the books to control caviar production and trade, and there is an active caviar smuggling trade. The DOJ is probably not going to raid your house in search of illegal caviar, but it can be a rough business.

(3) if you really want to give someone caviar and its only for three months, you might be better off finding a reputable caviar seller (or just amazon?) and specifying the shipping dates for three orders. That's a lot less likely to be fly by night than a caviar of the month deal...
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None of them do monthly clubs, but places I'd trust for online ordering are:
Russ & Daughters
Browne Trading Co.
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