How to move to reduced hours?
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LawSchool/Work Filter: I'm a 1L part time night student at a solid (read: top 60 US) school. How do I propose I move from full time to 3 day a week part time contractor?

My company hires contractors to do the same job (Some of us are full time and some of us are contractors.)
I love the job and the people but I find I just can not do both this job and School and be successful. Anyone out there successfully arrange reduced hours?
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If you think your boss will be understanding, you can just ask flat out. "I love working here, but I'm having trouble balancing my workload with my schoolwork. Would it be possible for me to work part-time instead?"
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I've been after this as well. The only answer I've gotten is "Well, maybe in a few months we'll see where things are and decide then." They make it seem like you're asking for some unbelievable favor when you really just want to work as a contractor. Good luck. Let me know if you pull it off.
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You've probably heard this before, but I can tell you from experience as an evening student working full-time that law school gets easier as you advance. So, if you can't make the switch to part-time work, it may help to know that the school part will become less of a burden.
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Law school does get easier.

And, in my experience, employers would rather have contractors than employees, for all kinds of reasons. If, in fact, they're actually treating contractors as contractors, that is.

If I were you, I'd ask, and I'd go in with a proposal that includes hours, costs, etc.
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