NYC around NYE. Difficulty level : Teen
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Bluetapdole (who is 13) and I will be visiting NYC for a week in late december, early january. Help us make it a great, interesting trip.

We know the place, have been there a few times and have done pretty much all the "standard" touristy things. I'm seeking recommendations for lesser known, offbeat activities, events and/or shows suitable for a typical 13 year old "socially aware" boy who (apart from computer games) particularly likes SF, history, good food and smart comedy. He wants to see Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir, but it doesn't look like they have any events during our stay. Still, it gives you an idea of what he might like.
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Best answer: Check out Toy Tokyo and Forbidden Planet, if you haven't already, and see what's going on at The Skint. UCB, UCBeast, PIT, and the Magnet all have comedy by the fistful. The Bell House also often has great shows.

For good food, it's hard to narrow that down. Shopsin's?

You might also be interested to know that Reverend Billy's going on trial on December 9th.
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Best answer: A jaunt out to Queens for the Flushing Meadows Corona Park may not be bad - you've got the Hall of Science and relics from two worlds' fairs - including the New York Panorama in the Queens Art Museum. (You will also recognize the site from a few big movies.)

For "good food" you may want to check out the Smorgasburg in Willamsburg - this is an outgrowth of the "Brooklyn Flea" open market, and is all funky food vendors. It's only on the weekends, but is indoors and has all sorts of the weird foodie startups and food cart vendors set up at booths.

Elsewhere in Williamsburg for food, you've got Mast Brothers Chocolate in Williamsburg, which does occasionaly give factory tours. Elsewhere in Brooklyn, there's also Cacao Prieto, another chocolate makers' shop; they share space with a Whiskey Distillery. And nearby that in Red Hook is Baked, a great little bakery which has gotten all kinds of love for its creations.

Finally, for New Year's Eve, my 'hood has a very family-friendly but still historically cool and free event- at Pratt University, they have a big collection of antique steam whistles from steamships and locomotives and things, and on New Year's Eve they haul them out onto the quad and sound them all off at midnight. (Even better - they leave them there for a half hour or so and you can take turns sounding them off yourself.)
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Best answer: Museum of Mathematics? Koreatown? Museum? Superhero supply store?
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Response by poster: Great stuff so far. Thanks!
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Broadway shows of course!
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