Please recommend an online source for business cards
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Anybody got a recommendation for an online source for business cards based on your experience? Any you think I should avoid?
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Avoid VistaPrint. Their prices are low and the quality is mediocre, but their customer service is abysmal. They have a terrible record with the Massachusetts Better Business Bureau.
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Hands down, When we were researching high-quality color cards for our business, we were absolutely shocked at the great deal we got, and the responsiveness of the owner. In fact, I've never recommended the company before just because I don't want any of our competitors in the same industry to benefit. :)
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Wow, that's rather interesting. I had pretty good luck with VistaPrint.
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Response by poster: I should also mention that I'm not particularly interested in having a card designed, just printed.
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Best answer: I've heard many good things about Overnight Prints.
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If you want cheap cheap cheap cards and don't mind waiting a bit for turn-around (10 biz days), works fine. Their runs are ganged, and i hear tell that this sort of situation may result in your colors being less vibrant or other than you've intended, but unless you really know what you're doing when it comes to designing for print, i don't think you'll notice. I purchased a short run (250) for about $30 and they came out great.

If you want a bigger run, faster, than someone else's recommendation may work out better for you. justonegirl's link seems to have pretty reasonable printing prices (and good design prices if, well, their design is any good).

i can't really recommend a shop that does design *and* printing because i've never had someone else design something for me.
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I had good experiences with
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I'm very happy with the biz cards I had printed at 4by6.
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I've never used them but, SimpleBits seemed pleased.
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I had a very nice run of 15,000 printed up with Their customer service rocks, they're easy-going and they do great work. Ask for Leo.
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I've had great results from Prints Made Easy. High quality paper and quick shipping.
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Another vote for -- I've used them for a ton of things over the years and they've been fantastic every time.
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Best answer: Overnight Prints is fantastic. I've sent them two runs, and have been really happy both times & I get compliments on my cards regularly.
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I've ordered booklets through and brochures from and was completely satisfied with both services. I browsed a large amount of sites beforehand, and it is rather intimidating making a decision. Completely subjective a-side: a professional image and an easy to navigate webpage goes a long way towards getting my business in this area - for example, really turned me off.
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Vista Print did fine for my cards, and I got some refrigerator magnets made from my design too!
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Design Your Own Card has a nice interactive editor and a wide variety of papers, inks, fonts, and clipart. You can upload your own graphics, too. They'll do letterhead, envelopes, rubber stamps, and invitations, also.
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I was very very happy with

A good friend (he runs a design studio) used 4by6, and their cards are very nice. Price-wise, though, GotPrint was a better deal.
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Just used OvernightPrints based on the info here and it was fantastic - amazing quality and quite fast and very very inexpensive.
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