Looking for power outlets I can install in a headboard I'm building
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I'm building a headboard and want to install power outlets. I like this little round pod that seems designed for my purpose with three plugs and two USB ports - but it is significantly more than I'd planned to spend. It also flips over, which I don't need. I've been hunting around for other similar things that don't flip at a more economical price but haven't found anything. Any insights from those with superior google-fu? Thank you!
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I get a ton of more reasonable results when I google USB power outlet grommet. The one you linked has Ethernet ports, not USB, which I think may be inflating your price.
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Actually the USB version is one page over and $10 more. That seems pretty expensive. Amazon sells the same product for less than half the price. I would just look into what kind of power you are looking to draw from the USB, and make sure this device supports it.
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I hope you're aware that model doesn't power those USB ports, it's simply a passthrough. You'd need a multi port USB charger like this to run them. Or a cheaper version of a similar concept(but not too cheap, the really cheap ones suck)
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Have you looked in the adapter section at your local Target or Walmart? You may be surprised at what you find there. I was surprised to find simple plug-ins that expand one plug to three and include three USB ports, several options in the $20 range. Wouldn't surprise me if IKEA sells these also. Not fancy and installed flush inside a headboard but if you're seeking alternatives…
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Home Depot sells one for $20
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at that device plugs directly into the wall without a cord.

You could go with regular wall outlets. You can buy duplex receptacles with two 3A USB ports for ~$30; single receptacle with two ports for significantly less. Add an 1110 box, cover plate, strain relief and cord and you are all set. You can cut a hole where ever you want to mount the box. The devices and cover plates come in an array of colours.
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http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0065I114K/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00 A nicer looking 110/USB outlet.
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