What's the best PMB (private mailbox service) in SF?
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I'd like to find an alternative to my current private mailbox setup. It's expensive, open limited hours, and service has not been stellar. The one I have now uses a street address instead of a PO Box, which I like. Also ARE THERE ANY STARTUPS TEARING UP THE PRIVATE MAILBOX SPACE. (I know about Outbox but that seems to require a home mailbox, which I'm trying to avoid.) Thanks.
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Depending on your budget, one alternative arrangement might be a mail-only membership at a coworking space. For example, I know NextSpace offers a "mailbox" tier with a street address, package notifications, shredding, and other features. This is definitely more expensive than the rent-a-box and combo laundry/mailbox spots I priced out, but might be worth a look.
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Several UPS stores in SF offer mailbox services and they give a street address and unit #.

Earth Class Mail probably falls under the "startup" category, though offers more than a mailbox.
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Response by poster: Edit: I learned that Outbox does pick up from private mailboxes, just not USPS ones. Thanks for the answers so far.
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check out a ups store. i've been a customer for 5 years and had great service.
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Speaking startups, it looks like NextSpace is just a provider for Spheremail. You can find other locations and rates on their website.
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Response by poster: I looked into the options suggested above and it turns out my current setup is actually the most economical.
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