Where can I bulk-download NBA box scores and stats?
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I'm looking for every box score my favorite NBA team played in for this year and last. Where can I go to download this data?

I'm interested in doing statistical analysis and presentation on some data sets and since I have a strong interest in the NBA, I figured that would be a good place to get my feet wet. What I'm looking for are the elements in a basic NBA box score, which I could then use to create my own "advanced" box score (similar to the one shown just below the basic box score).

And as long as I'm asking for a pony, even better would be to get a set of stats that is time-marked, which is the dataset which drives sites like this and this (both of which I believe just scrape from live stats feeds during the games, but I'm not sure on that).
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Oops...didn't see that you're already familiar with that site.
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I asked a similar question a couple years ago. Not sure if it's any use.
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