Trying to find an old CRPG
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I am trying to find this PC game I remember playing as a kid (mid-late 80's). It was maybe EGA era, definitely at least CGA. Me and a friend believe the name of it was something like "Destiny". It was a north/east/south/west/look kind of game with RPG elements. I don't remember a ton about it, except that we really enjoyed it, and never completed it because it was corrupted when we got to the end. One of the striking images I have is a green venus fly-trap like creature, with eyes on stalks. As you fought it and did damage, you would lop eyes off, and ichor would ooze out. (These were still images no animation, but updates throughout battles). I also remember something about a fountain and gems at the bottom of it as well (yeah, real specific I know!). I believe the end involved orcs and a throne or a crown, but it's getting real hazy at this time. If you have any recollection of this game, I'd love to hear about it, to prove that me and my childhood friend are not having group hallucinations, and to maybe track it down and play again.
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Legend of Kyrandia? Possibly too mid 90's, but there were gems and fountains and a fly trap plant

As always, has it, so you can acquire and run it easily.
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Do you remember if combat was menu-based or realtime or map based or what?
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Bard's Tale II: the Destiny Knight?
The beholder?
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Response by poster: It was turn based, and these games are far too advanced. This was similar to something like zork, where you were presented with static screens, and a description, and then you could chose to go north south east or west (or up or down, or look etc). The graphics were very simple. The combat was menu based, I believe you could attack, or flee, that's it. I know i'm not giving much information, but I'm hopeful the internets can track it down.
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Was it Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2?
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Response by poster: we're thinking too recent. This was on 8086 machines, _maybe_ 286 at the latest.
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When you say NESW, do you mean it was it in perspective like this? Or was it more top-down like this?
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I think the OP means something like this

The link above is to 'the Quest' by Penguin Software, interactive fiction with combat, but chances are slim that this is the game we're looking for.
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Possibly one of the Wizardry games? Although The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight as mentioned by herrdoktor has 'Destiny' in its title.
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Response by poster: It's similar to what @Akke posted -,472709/

But I remember slightly better graphics, so quite possibly EGA. It was definitely not a common franchise like Wizardry, Bards Tale, Might and Magic, Ultima, etc. Nor was it a Sierra franchise. I think it's pretty obscure.

I wish I had more information regarding it, but it's 20 some odd years ago. I've searched for hours, and this is where I've ended up :)
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Try shooting an email to the crpg addict:
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Not Legacy of the Ancients ?
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I know this isn't the game you are looking for, but when you said 'slightly better graphics' I was reminded of Ootopos which was a science fiction game that sounds very similar to what you are talking about. Perhaps it was the same publisher? This game was NSEW and all text-driven.
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Response by poster: @Goose the crpg addict referred me to here :)

@tacodave it looks kind of similar, but looking at those screens make me realize it was for sure EGA!
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