This is New Jersey... there are bound to be tacky Christmas lights.
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A friend and I live in Newark and Kearny, NJ, respectively, and go to school in Madison. We're both dating Brits who are captivated by the (relatively mundane) Christmas lights displays we've seen just driving around so far. Where's somewhere nearby we can go where we can show them ridiculously tacky Christmas lights, ideally set to music or something equally ridiculous? I've found mention of a house in Morristown online but was wondering if there was anything else, or any neighborhoods that tend to all go all out.
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There's a famous display in Clifton that was shut down at Halloween, but the guy's putting up his Christmas display now anyway. Probably worth a drive-by since it's not far from you.
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If you don't mind the drive into NYC, you could check out Dyker Heights, in Brooklyn.
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Cranbury Christmas Lights. Private home with lights set to music emanating from its own radio station.

Also, every year collects the best lights in NJ here. Last year the article posted on Dec. 6th, so hopefully 2013's picks will be up soon.
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check the local newspapers. My paper here oin VA prints a map every year to the best outdoor light displays in town. Iassume other towns do the same.
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Rockefeller Center?
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