I'd like to cook up a batch of Breaking Bad recaps.
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Hello, people of 2013! I come from 2008, where my partner and I have been enjoying the first season of Breaking Bad! I am in search of smart, well-written recaps of the show.

I have already been reading the recaps at The AV Club. Television Without Pity and Alan Sepinwall's recaps don't appear to start until season 3, for some reason -- though if this is wrong, feel free to send me a link to their season 1 recaps. Googling tends to turn up spoilers (hence Badfinger's "Baby Blue" gettiing stuck in my head for the past several days), or only very brief episode summaries, neither of which is what I want. Can you direct me to good, non-spoilery recaps from the very beginning of the series?
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Let me direct you to the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast. They don't start until season 2, but they are amazing. Vince Gilligan and Kelley Dixon are the hosts of each one, and they often have the cast/writers/producers etc. Great recappish and backstage stuff.
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I was very happy reading the AV Club recaps, and they only get better as the series goes on. If I remember correctly, they start getting pretty (more?) insightful around the end of season 2. You're already reading them--do you just want to find things in addition to those or are you looking for commentary that is different in some way?
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Response by poster: Just want MOAR. When I've got a show on the brain (like I now do with BB), I just like reading as much about it as possible.
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If you read the TWoP boards as well those are great for insightful details.
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Looks like Alan Sepinwall reviewed the first two seasons on his personal blog (this links directly to the Season 2, Ep 1 recap, to avoid you stumbling on any spoilers). Then he moved over to HitFix and recapped the rest. I always really enjoyed the Vulture recaps too. And by the way, on AV Club, HitFix, and Vulture, the Comments sections are always totally worth diving in to for lots of smart analyses, theories, and observations (that I'd never notice on my own). Argh, I'm so jealous that you're getting to experience this from the beginning!
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I enjoyed the episode discussions on the Breaking Bad subreddit. (It's a link to the archive of discussions, spoiler-free zone.)
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I really enjoyed the Breaking Bad recaps on Grantland. But be warned, they're not organized in any particular fashion so you may hit some spoilers and non-recap BB news in your search.
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I like everything Alyssa Rosenberg has written about the show, most recently at Think Progress but she has written for other sites as well.
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I finally understood what was going on after each episode by reading these "morning after" posts on boingboing.net.
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I second the TWoP boards.
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Nthing HitFix and AVClub and Grantland (yes, I am/was similarly obsessed).

Vulture also had some pretty good recaps for at least the last few seasons.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! This is definitely scratching the itch.

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Response by poster: Finally catching up with all of you in the future to say that we watched the series finale last night.

I'm still shell-shocked. (And thanks again for all the recap links -- it was really enjoyable to read the commentary along with the progression of each season.)
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