Airport Express help!
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I have an Airport Express base station - the older one not new (around 2009) version. Recently got a new iMac with with latest version of OSx and no longer see the the option under the sound button (top right corner of screen) to choose to either play with local speakers or speakers (or both) associated Airport Express base. When I go to settings - sound - output, I can see the the local speakers and the Airport Express but it says the selected device (Express) has no output controls. It used to be an option with any playback on any application. How to remedy? I can use my iphone (using iOS 6 not 7) to play on the airport express speakers. The only thing that seems to pickup the base is Itunes but other programs are not picking it up and I use Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.. If I manually go in under the settings - sound - output I can click on Airport Express and it will play but not both sets of speakers. We like whole house music.
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You need Airfoil; I use it to broadcast Spotify around the house.
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Hold down the Option key when you click on the Volume menu item ("sound button"). You can direct sound to an AirPlay output device (like your Airport Express).
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