Where can I create a free online journal with prompts that I create?
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I'm trying to steer myself toward some daily routines beyond just human maintenance and sustenance. I don't have any ultimate goals to achieve, it's more about daily practice and keeping myself focused on "keepin' on keepin' on" in a few areas that are important to me but that I tend to neglect. I can't find quite what I'm looking for with Google. I can best describe what I want by describing how I would do it on paper: (1)Create a question form with a list of questions and some space to respond essay-style to each question. (For myself the questions would be something like "How was your meditation today?" "What new thing did you create today?" "What artist did you read about today?") (2)Photocopy this form 100 times or so. (3)Fill out one form each day. Is there a free site where I can do this online, or should I just create it on paper with some photocopies in a three-ring binder?
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How would you like to keep records? As a public journal (bloglike) I suppose?

If not you could hack something up using Google Drive (or whatever it is called at the moment). You can make a Form with your questions and textboxes for the answers and have it mailed to you or put in a Google Spreadsheet every time you fill it in.
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On a wordpress blog, you can use a plugin (like this one, which was the first I saw on a search) to autofill your new posts with your prompts.
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Why not create a Google document with these prompts?

Each day open it, copy and paste the prompts into a new document and write in that document, naming the finished document with the date accomplished?

This way:
1) you always have access to your prompts,
2) can add/change/delete the prompts easily and
3) can open a new journal easily
4) and it will follow you everywhere like an obedient dog or a mildly interested cat.
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This would be easy to create as an html form. A bunch of questions followed by textblock elements. Your "submit" button could store your responses in a file named by date.
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You could do it with Google Forms, which would probably be easier than learning HTML if you don't already know it.
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Best answer: There is a free online tool that pretty much does EXACTLY what you want. Developed by James Altucher, an intriguing soul if ever there was one. The site is tdp.me
It is really quite simple and well executed.
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Response by poster: I think tdp.me is, as jcworth says, EXACTLY what I want. Thanks so much!
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