Fulfill a childhood craving for this specific fountain pen
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I'm looking for a specific fountain pen that was very common in German schools in the mid-90s. Can you help?

I went to elementary/middle school in Germany in the mid-to-late 90s, and we all used cartridge fountain pens for school. I always had pretty standard cartridge pens like these, but I remember being very envious of my friends who had these gorgeous long tapered fountain pens. Now I'm wondering if those fountain pens are available on eBay or something, to satisfy a childhood craving, but I can't figure out how to search for them.

The fountain pens were definitely longer than regular pens, maybe by two inches...like the old writing-desk fountain pens, except for school kids. They had a completely round body that bulged a little bit around the place where you grip it to write, and it curved (a bit pear-shaped) off and tapered to a flat cylindrical tip that was probably no more than 5mm in diameter. They look a little like these pens, but none of them are quite it. They were incredibly common - at least half my class (most of the girls) had one.

Other specs:
- I'm almost certain it was Stabilo or Pelikan, though it could be Lamy or Schaeffer or someone else
- It used one of the longer ink cartridges (I think the 4001s) rather than having two short cartridges pushed up against each other back to back
- I'm pretty sure the body was either dark blue or black, with no prominent logos or designs on the pen shaft
- There was no window in the pen shaft to indicate the level of ink left in the cartridge
- The nib was a calligraphy-ish nib, maybe 3mm across
- The pen cap definitely had a clip
- They would have retailed for around $30 DMark around 1998 or so
- I was living in Baden-Württemberg, if that matters

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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The first pen that came to mind from your description was the Lamy Joy, but since you've included that one as one of your "not it" examples then maybe the Rotring ArtPen?
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Might it possibly be this Parker pen? (last image on page)
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This is the classic school pen for primary school Germany and this is one step up - in secondary school. I think I know which one you mean though, it looks a bit like the second except that it's longer. It's almost certainly Lamy.
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I think this is it. The "LAMY joy Schönschreibfüller". If you search Google there's pictures of older models too.
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Was it the Pelikan Script? Sadly discontinued.
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Longshot: these long-bodied Platignum fountain-pens with calligraphic nibs were quite ubiquitous in British schools for a few decades.
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Same place, same time, I had the Rotring Artpen mentioned above - not a good fountain pen IMHO. I also had another pen of the same long/pointy format in a teal color. That one had a very wide quill and wrote beautifully...I wish I could remember the brand. I am sure it was not Lamy.
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The Pelikan Script is the closest thing so far, I think, especially the Pelikan P50. I might try to find one of those if I can't find anything closer.

I remember the LAMY Joy being pretty common, but those weren't it. The tip if the pen wasn't flattened, and there was no ink window. I also don't think it was the Rotring Artpen, there were no colour highlights on the ends/cap of the pen or around the ring and the body doesn't look quite right. And not the parker, the body is too short / stubby and the nib was free-mounted, not hooded. Thanks for the suggestions though!
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You might ask about this at http://www.munchkinwrangler.com/. Marko is a fountain pen user/collector and grew up in Germany, although his school years were somewhat earlier than yours.
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