Vegan scotchmallows?
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My sister is on a very restricted diet to help out her immune system. No milk, no eggs, rare if ever gluten. Her favorite sometimes treat is See's Scotchmallows (milk or dark chocolate, honey marshmallow, and caramel) and she is looking for an alternative. I've googled around and looked at Etsy and some favorite vegan places, but I am not seeing anything that looks good. I thought maybe the the Vosges version, but it is made on the same equipment with milk. Does anything have any recommendations or something else that might help her miss them less? Thank you in advance.
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She could make vegan marshmallows and dip in melted non-milk chocolate and caramel.
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If you were hoping for a pre-made version, I don't think you'll have much luck there.

Is vegan a strict requirement, or do you mostly care about the milk, eggs and gluten? If gelatin (which is made by rendering animal tissue) is okay, then marshmallows aren't hard to make, and you could probably replace some of the corn syrup with honey in the recipe I linked. If you do need it to be vegan, yohko's recipe looks like it could work.

Caramel is basically made of milk and sugar that's been caramelized over heat, so I suspect that will be the most difficult to replace, if caramelization isn't enough to change the milk into something that she isn't allergic to. I found a recipe for soy-milk caramel by searching for "dairy free caramel".

Chocolate often tends to either have milk or milk products added to it or is processed on machinery that also is processed with milk, so if the allergy is severe, you would want to look for vegan chocolate, which is out there, but I'm not sure how hard it is to get.

The trick, obviously, is combining the ingredients to make this treat, but even that shouldn't be too hard. Looking at the Scotchmallow page on the See's website, you'd shape a piece of the marshmallow and a piece of the caramel together, and then dip them in melted chocolate that is still in temper so that it hardens after dipping.

I haven't tried any of this, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't work. Let us know how it turns out, if you do. :)
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I've been vegan for a decade, and none of the vegans I know avoid stuff that is manufactured on shared equipment because 100% dedicated vegan food manufacturing lines are incredibly rare. So if your sister doesn't have an outright dairy allergy and the use of shared equipment is the only thing holding you back from getting a store-bought version, I hereby give you Vegan Permission to snap it up!

These chocolate-covered caramel marshmallow nougats might be the closest thing you can get to a pre-made vegan scotchmallow. Everything that Premium Chocolatiers make is vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Otherwise, would you be averse to picking up some vegan caramel-covered marshmallows (option one, option two) and hand-dipping them?

Here are vegan and gluten-free options for each separate aspect of a scotchmallow!
Marshmallow: Dandies, Sweet and Sara, Suzanne's Specialties.
Honey: Bee Free Honee, date paste, agave nectar.
Caramel: Cocomels, Desiderio, Obsessive Confection Disorder, Hot Cakes.
Chocolate: TNTC, but here are some great lists from Food Empowerment Project and VegNews.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I am not averse to making them myself and I have successfully made really good vegan caramel before. My sister isn't actually vegan, just sensitive to dairy and eggs, so non-vegan marshmallow should actually be ok (though I personally tend to only buy the vegan ones because of my own sensibilities), if that changes anyone's thoughts.
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Here is a recipe for the most delicious caramel, if you or she would like to make your own scotchmallows. The recipe is just as good using coconut oil instead of butter, and I like it best made with coconut milk.

That website is a great resource for restrictive diet friendly recipes. I've made a ton of them and they've all turned out wonderfully as written.
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Response by poster: I was able to commission some through Etsy this time, but I may try and make them myself in the future using these great recipes. The risk of cross-contamination scares me though. Thanks, everyone, for the help.
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