If I like reading The Last Psychiatrist, what else would I like?
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I love the Last Psychiatrist. I don't agree with everything she writes--but I like a lot of things about her. I like that she combines deep knowledge with hand-wavey speculation. I like that she's a fearless contrarian. I like that she's funny. I want to read more writing about society, science, the arts, whatever, that's as toothy as the stuff she does. This can be in book, magazine, or blog format. Where do I go?
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Hmm, potentially Stonekettle Station--curmudgeonly veteran liberal up in Alaska.
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Wait--The Last Psychiatrist is a WOMAN?! How do you know? That would be amazing but I don't think it's true. I think he mentions getting erections and I'm pretty sure he has audio books out there using his male voice.

This is incredibly random, but I think you'd like Tolstoy short stories: they're brilliantly written, moralistically interesting, emotionally entertaining, telling of his paradigm on society from his own time. I know this is not what you really asked, but I get much the same out of reading Tolstoy's (whom I rarely ever deeply agree with) as with TLP: A good refreshing dose of "Aah, that's how this brilliant person sees the world, aren't they clever, thoughtful, insightful and brilliant?"
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Pretty sure TLP is a semi-active mefi member.
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The blog 2 Blowhards. No longer updated but all the archives are available. They wrote about the arts, mainly, but also cultural trends, fashion, etc.

The main guy, who wrote under the nom de plume Michael Blowhard, is a retired researcher for Newsweek (I think) whose film criticism was praised by Pauline Kael.

This blog really fits the bill for your specifications ... Smart and contrarian.
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He also, IIRC, started another blog with 1 or 2 MeFites but I can't remember what it was called.
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Partial Objects is what Obscure Reference, um, couldn't think of.
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Belle Waring and Dan Davies, both on Crooked Timber, spring to my mind. I would recommend Dan's d-squared digest blog too but I think it's not public anymore.
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You're a narcissist.

Does that work for you?

Jokes aside, some posters from Partial Objects started up a site called postmodernize after Partial Objects stopped allowing outside submissions. The posts there are nowhere near as caustic/cynical as TLP (and that's maybe the most fun part of reading TLP, IMHO), but the subject matter is similar.

Claire Lehmann blogs about feminism, consumerism, etc. I found her from following TLP's twitter. Like TLP, she's got some sharp insights coming from a look-what-mainstream-feminism-is-doing-wrong angle.
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Armond White writes for the New York Press. Looks at film and culture with a passion and intelligence similar to TLP; contrarianism with heart. Examples: 1, 2, 3.
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