help me find a nice woman's wallet
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I'm having a hard time finding a nice leather wallet.

I need one to replace one that I had for 12 years and really loved. Most of what I find I don't like, or is too big. I'm looking for black leather with all the usuals -- card slots and a zipped coin section. I like this one, but I think 7 inches is a bit long (looking for 6 or under). I also like this one a lot, but I think the pattern on the inside is ugly. I want something less than 75 dollars but that doesn't look cheap.
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Fossil has some nice ones in your price range. I just got their Emory Clutch (after shopping around forever) and really like it; it's bigger than what you're looking for, but they have a bunch of other styles.
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I have this wallet by mywalit, and it is a great smallish wallet that can hold a lot, and the quality is pretty great. The colors are perhaps a bit too exciting, although the outside is black.
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Did you see this AskMe from a week or so ago? Has some great suggestions.
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I use a Taxi Wallet. It is not long, yet bills can be stored without folding them.
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Bellroy make a range of nice, slim, smartly-designed wallets out of pretty nice leather. Maybe a bit over the price range though.
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In case you can't find something fitting those exact criteria, this one might be worth looking at. I've had the same Lodis wallet for going on 10 years now and it has held up very nicely.
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I love my Lodis wallet. This one meets your size requirements, though it's over $75.

Maybe buy gently used? I have the same one as lovableiago and got it on ebay for about $30.
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If you can go to a store that sells the Hobo wallets, they usually have different lining fabrics.
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