Help find me some cool pics for our office!
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My boss has mentioned some pictures of cells and - specifically - microbiomes he has seen which are super colorful and would be cool to blow up and put on our walls. My google search is failing, and I am only finding images that look like sour-patch gummy worms. Anyone know of good websites where we can buy cool, science-y pictures of microorganisms?
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I wonder if you might find something interesting among our Cool Science Images. I don't know how easy it would be to get copies for printing, but it's got the citations right there, so you could certainly ask :)
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of electron microscope pictures. More here.
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Not microbiomes, but definitely colorful with a large selection and decent resolutions.
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Nikon's MicroscopyU has some nice images. Its small world competition has some pretty stuff too.
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I don't know the source, but these happy grass cells are adorable.
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Response by poster: Thanks sacrifix! ...I would love to know where the second link was intended to go to. It seems to just reroute back to this page.
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Probably this. And while I was looking around just now I also found this but any time a website wants you to contact them for pricing information I get a bad taste in my mouth.
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