I need a review or overview of nursing quality indicator systems.
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I am on the hunt for a review, overview, listing of, or any other compilation of sorts that you may find explaining all the different American quality indicator systems in health care, specifically nursing if you're that good. AHRQ, ANA, NDNQI, .... but a more inclusive list and description of all their individual quality outcome management recommendations. I've been searching for days and haven't really found exactly what I need or want. Thanks!
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This National Quality Forum report is outdated, but may get at what you're looking for. You could try other NQF publications - there's probably something newer but I'm browsing on my phone.
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Have you searched PubMed? There may be something from the Journal of Nursing Informatics.
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Here is a comparison of JACOH and NCQA.

Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?
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SLC Mom, that is the sort of thing I am looking for, perhaps even an excess of detail for my purposes. Basically a cliff notes summary of indicator systems. Usually, I've only been able to find them in comparison pairs or listed but not explained.

I have access to InfoTrac, Ebsco, and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins publishing databases.
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Sadly, I don't think you'll find such a thing, because there are so many different ones, run by different levels of governmental and quasi-governmental and private organizations.

Best of luck to you though.
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