Capturing video automatically.
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I need to capture video from a webcam for 1 min. every 30 min, for a 24 hour period. I know I could do this with a python script but --as I have very little python experience-- I am looking for an easier, point-and-click method. Are there any programs that one can set to capture a specific amount of video every x minutes over a certain period? Is there some easier/better way to script this than with the python module?
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You didn't say what platform you're on or what camera, but if you're using Mac OS X with a Firewire or IIDC camera, you can use Applescript with Quicktime Broadcaster to easily script the control of your webcam.
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Response by poster: Platform: Windows ME (I know, I know, it's not my laptop). Don't know about the webcam yet, we're probably buying one.
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also for OSX: evocam but as this is of no help to you... i guess its here for someone else's benefit.
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Best answer: I would do this like joeblough said. I use EvoCam with my Mac, but I believe you can use a program like WebCam32 to save an image every 30 seconds (for however long) to your local drive and/or (simultaneously) save a remote copy on a webserver. I haven't used Webcam32 in years, but I am almost positive you can do this with little effort. Good luck.
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I don't know whether it will work on ME, but Microsoft have a powertoy that will do it:
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Response by poster: terrapin: WebCam32 looks like it will do what I need. Just have to run a few tests to make sure.
Boobus: the webcam powertoy seems to only save still images, whereas I'm lloking for video segments.

Thanks, al!
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