Looking for Mac OS X Course Management/Homework software recommendations
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I'm looking for recommendations for software that I can use to manage my schoolwork (college) that runs on Mac OS X and preferably syncs to my iPhone and iPad as well.

I'm looking for software to help me manage my school work - assignments, due dates, test dates, instructor contact info, books, etc. I currently manage all this through Gcal, Address Book, and Evernote, but I'd like to have everything in one place. I'd prefer it if the software would also sync to my iPhone and iPad, but that's not a total deal breaker.

It appears the big players are iStudiez Pro, iHomework, and Schoolhouse. Depending on where you look and what reviews you read, each application is either the savior of all students, or a tool of the devil designed to crash and lose all your work at the worst possible time - and nothing in between.

I'm hoping that someone here has some direct or indirect experience with any of these apps, or with another app that I haven't found. I'd even be glad to see links to ways to better manage your schoolwork with a hodgepodge of tools, which is what I'm currently doing.
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It's not a school work app per se, but OmniFocus sounds like it could be helpful. It's most useful if you're using a Getting Things Done system, but that isn't ideal for coursework (or rather, coursework is too linear to make the most of GTD). So OmniFocus might be overkill, but check it out, maybe it'll work for you, and also you can use it long after you're done with school.

Alternatively, you could use Evernote for everything, with a separate text file for each course. Or one excel file per semester, each sheet representing a different class.
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