Internet - multi hosting?
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Internet sharing - I have 2 or 3 Internet service providers that I can use at the same time. I am not looking for load balancing, just redundancy. Not sharing any services, just want to surf. Any simple solution?
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Manual: plug the fastest one into your router, and leave it there unless it breaks.

Seriously, anything that will do anything useful for you by way of automatic failover starts at about $500.
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If you have an old PC (pentium or better) lying around, you can build a box with m0n0wall or Smoothwall that'll take care of this for you.
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If you have multiple network cards, or a multiport network card, you can bind IP settings to each Ethernet adapter. If one fails, another will take over. If you're on Mac OS X or UNIX you can specify the active adapter priority (not sure if you can do that under Windows).
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Response by poster: thanks! I think I can also try the WRT 54G perhaps?
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