"That was a gen-u-ine dirt machine, not an airplane!"
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What was it ...? Forgotten movie from the 80's - a young teenager is separated from his father on a camping trip in the Pacific Northwest. If memory serves correct, he was kidnapped and held captive by some pretty backwoods kind of guys. He then learns survival and more.... inside ....

I remember vague details such as a bit of dialogue from when the boy tried to escape and subsequently ejects a dirt bike off a cliff ("You wrecked my cycle! That was a gen-u-ine dirt machine, not an aeroplane!!"). If memory serves correctly, the boy manages to escape, has to fend for himself in the woods, runs across some random guy who does something with microfilm ... and it goes hazy from there.

I know this movie used to play pretty regularly in the 80s on HBO, but I sure as hell can't remember the name. Got any ideas?
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Probably not it, but what the heck: The Earthling.
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Best answer: Was it Kid Colter?
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Sounds like Kid Colter. I was raised on the HBO teat and remember this movie well. Boy is on the run from two bumbling/scary rednecks, but learns to kick their asses.

I thought the movie was quite good when I was 11 or so, but I wonder what it'd be like now.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I would not have remembered the name for the life of me.
posted by kuperman at 6:10 AM on October 11, 2005

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