Therapist recommendation in San Diego (Sorrento Valley)
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Hi all. I need a recommendation for a therapist in the Sorrento Valley area (or thereabouts) of San Diego.

I am looking for a recommendation for a really good therapist (an actual therapist, not just a directory of therapists) in San Diego with the following requirements:

1) In or around (15-mile radius) of the Sorrento Valley area; however if you know of someone awesome further out, please recommend them.

2) Solution-oriented. I have previously tried "talk" therapy and successfully avoided addressing my issues by talking only superficially about them, so I need someone who can push me (and call me out on my bullshit and rationalizations) instead of just making soothing noises at me.

3) Can do both some flavor of both CBT and psychodynamic therapy to address my issues of self-esteem, hopelessness, and avoidant attachment (and the current disintegration of yet another relationship). I like the concepts of CBT and have started some work on my own but I feel that some deeper analysis is necessary for me.

4) Aetna insurance preferred but I'm more than willing to explore out-of-pocket payment options as well.

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Have you tried using Psychology Today's therapist finder tool? It's how I found mine. You can narrow by a ton of variables and then read how they describe their approach.
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