Wordpress membership plug in advice needed.
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Hello all, We are a small language instruction company with an idea to make some extra revenue and promote our own website. We want to create a wordpress membership site that users can subscribe to with daily dripped content. My question is whether it's a good idea to integrate this into our existing website or should it have it's own domain. And are there any technical problems that could arise from the integration idea? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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I heard about this WordPress Plug In from Leo Babatua of Zen Habits fame. I've had it bookmarked since then in case I decide to add the same to my website.

It might be a good starting place for you.
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I tried out a lot of Wordpress membership plugins and S2Member was the best thing going. It is integrated into your Wordpress db and it is great. Used it to set up a paywalled podcast system and it has worked well...Message me if you need any help.

I had just rescued a website from a different pay plugin that was bad. It turns out there is a whole world of fly-by-night membership plugins of varying qualities. They were typically closed source and heavily promoted in affiliate schemes. We found these to cause all kinds of potential problems.
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Managing memberships/content within Wordpress is a fine idea at what I'm guessing your scale is. MySQL, the usual database tool behind Wordpress installs, is good at thousands, maybe tens of thousands. If it is (or becomes) something on a bigger scale, you would have to reconsider the architecture, but you can then turn that problem over to your vast team of experts you will have assembled by then.

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I use the Members plugin on one of my sites. It works well.
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I just checked my notes and Wishlist was one of the ones we considered but couldn't make work for our purposes. The deal breaker was that the PHP was actually encrypted or obscured so that we couldn't make needed modifications or look inside to trace what was happening with online transactions. It seemed OK but not as customizable as we needed.

The really bad one was called Your Members. It was unreliable and we had all kinds of trouble with the way it handled data. Months after switching we were still trying to clear bad Your Members data out of the database.
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