ID this short film: Man visits a nearly empty diner during a holiday
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From vague memories, I seem to recall the main character was a white man with brown hair who was in his 30's. He visits a nearly empty diner and has a religious discussion with the proprietor. Circa 1980-1990.

I know this is quite a reach. I might be off on some of these details, so suggestions that don't quite fit are fine as well.

1. the main character was a white guy, 30's, with brown hair
2. he is either coming in from the storm or has had car trouble (possibly both?)
3. it is a holiday (Christmas?)
4. the diner is nearly empty
5. at some point, the proprietor (Christian) and the main character (Atheist) get into a religious discussion
6. they go through several layers on conversation, starting more philosophical but getting to personal reasons -- the customer (now very agitated) details a very long list of personal experiences that left him no room to have faith
7. the characters might have had southern accents
8. there is a major twist at the end and I can't remember what it was (but it would be something like possibly the main character realizing he was dead; or that everyone in the diner was from his past; or that he had imagined being inside the diner but it was actually closed; or something crazy like that)
9. I saw it somewhere between 1990-1995, and it was slightly dated then, so I guess this short film was made maybe 1980-1990
10. low budget
11. 95% of the film happens inside this diner (maybe some flashbacks?)
12. the entire short film was probably 10-20 minutes

Any help would be appreciated. I have tried searching IMDB without luck. Thanks for reading.
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The Sunset Limited fits some of your description.
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Crap. I missed that it was a short film, sorry.
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Ok some of the details don't match but could it be The Encounter? It's about not one but five people in a diner there is pouring rain and the road's closed. The next day the diner isn't there any more.
I'm on my phone right now so can't link but it's easy to find on imdb and used to be available on YouTube.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, but it is not The Sunset Limited or The Encounter (both of which sound like interesting movies).

I'm going to leave this one open and monitor it in the background. I know it is a difficult question.
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