Which Film Critic is known for his advice on how to watch films?
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I remember a discussion somewhere about some famous film critic and their widely admired advice about how to watch a movie intelligently. I don't think this was advice about how to become a critic or how to watch a movie and then write about it, I think it was more of a primer on how to gain from the experience and how to evaluate a film for yourself. Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Blake
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Roger Ebert's "How to read a movie"?
Actually, hm, this seems more technical and less of what you want (how watching movies allows you to gradually learn how to think about them intelligently?)
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Doesn't quite fit what you're asking about, but David Bordwell's How to Watch an Art Movie
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I like this Jim Emerson quote about how the first shot of a movie teaches you how to watch it.
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Slavoj Zizek has done several amazing films that do this. He isn't really a film critic, more of a cultural/socialogical critic.
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