Nutcracker in Europe
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A friend of mine would like to see a production of the Nutcracker ballet in Europe this weekend... where should she go? She is a serious ballet dancer but not familiar with companies outside of Russia (which is out of the question due to visa restrictions). Assume price and logistics of travel are no concern within Europe. What ballet companies put on a great performance? Can one procure tickets to a "sold out" ballet?

Looking for someplace in Europe to go see the Nutcracker this weekend (Dec 6-8) with only restrictions being 1. quality of performance and 2. possible to get tickets.

I was able to make a list of companies putting on the Nutcracker based on this brochure, but have no idea which are worth seeing: Copenhagen, Birmingham, Estonia, Berlin, Dresden, Budapest, Cork, Oslo.

I had suggested the Budapest production (based on the city itself, no dance knowledge here) but tickets are sold out--is it possible to "scalp" tickets at a ballet? Is the Hungarian National Ballet any good?

Welcome any opinions or pointers... thanks!
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The Nutcracker premiers at The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen on the 5th.

I haven't seen The Nutcracker there, but I've seen other performances, and I think it's safe to assume that the quality of the production is good.

More information here: The Nutcracker. It looks like there are still tickets available.
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