Help me find the most obscure Eric Satie gift possible
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I want to get a truly special gift for someone who loves the music of Eric Satie. Where can I find the most hard-to-find or most amazing recordings?

While looking for CDs on Amazon, I realized there is a lot of debate around which pianist "gets" Satie the best and obviously those depend a lot on personal tastes but are there particular recordings that would be really special to a Satie fan? Since so much music can be downloaded, I would love to find something that wouldn't be as easy to download.

Bonus if you can also offer similar suggestions for Ravel and Stravinsky. Thanks!
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Well, a real fan of Satie (such as myself, heh) probably has most of piano Satie music that's more or less available - the super rare stuff we may not have, but then, what are the chances that you'll get it for a reasonable price (i.e. not torrented)?

It might be interesting to go in a different direction - with the small risk that tastes may differ. In that spirit there is the very first transcription of Satie's music for guitar, by the excellent Anders Miolin:

Guitar Transcriptions E. Satie by Anders Miolin

It's out of stock on Amazon, but you should be able to get it elsewhere.

Another somewhat riskier pick would be an exploration of what might be inherent in Satie - this would be improvisation on Satie by the pianist Michael Gees:

ImproviSatie - Michael Gees
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As to Ravel and Stravinsky are we talking all of their music or works for piano? Because there are a ton of recordings of both and many are obscure.
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Teodoro Anzellotti's Accordion versions - it was a favorite of several WFMU DJs, and along with this article, it's what turned me on to the guy.

The physical media itself is a bit nicer than the usual jewelbox - it comes in a nice kind of textured cloth-covered digipak if I remember correctly.
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Buy this dvd. The dvd extra entr'acte shows Satie loading a canon.
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Seconding the Anzellotti accordion versions. But for something even more obscure, you could track down Yuko Ikoma's album of Satie performed on music boxes: Moisture with Music Box. It's actually really good -- not just a novelty.
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How about an excerpt from Vexations? Or the Musique de la Rose + Croix, etc.?
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I once saw these two movies, Satie and Suzanne and Ravel's Brain as a double bill presentation by my local experimental music ensemble.

The Ravel one is not worth quite that exorbitant sum but is interesting if you can find a cheaper somewhere. And depending on your budget, the Satie might fit the bill. It's charming, and a bit off center from just an audio recording, so your Satie fan might be less likely to have it or be aware of it.
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(PS -- the Yuko Ikoma album is on Grooveshark.)
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