Need Pens in Sydney - Help (Wedding Invite Disaster Version)
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Where can I buy pens in Sydney, and/or who has a wide variety of pens (gel pens, paint pens, that sort of thing)? I am working on my sister's wedding invitations and am rather pressed for time... I am especially interested in the Sakura Souffle pens, if you know of anyone who carries them.

I've been to:
*the two art supply stores in Newtown (no),
*Kinokuniya (not recently & they don't have as many pens as you'd think) and
* am aware of PensDeluxe in the QVB (but haven't been).

I was also not super impressed with Dymocks stationary, though last time I was there I was looking for something else. I don't think KikkiK or Smiggle have what I want either (own brands only). I can go to Thursday night shopping this week, but obviously won't have time to go in and out of all the misc office supply/stationary/art stores in the city. I can also get to either of the Westfields without issue. Help! Where should I go that has A LOT of pens?

*I do not want to order online - I need these SOON and I'm not sure exactly what will work best for my needs. I also need to be able to buy more easily if I need them. If you know of an Australian-based co. that has reasonable 2-3 day shipping, I might think about it... but I know how the post is here and I'm not convinced.

I was using Uniglo Sigma White pens and tracing over Epson printer ink quite happily. The Epson died (long story), and we have a brand new Brother printer - but the white pen ink is soaking up the Brother printer ink that I'm tracing. (Seriously folks, this whole project has been one epic printer fail after another; I finally pushed through the mechanical fails... and now this!)

Anyway, thank you!!!
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Best answer: Perhaps Eckersley's? They have lots of pens, and several stores around Sydney.
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It might help if you can describe exactly what you need - a white pen that will trace over printer ink?

I don't know the specific issues, but can you try troubleshooting the printing side of things, i.e. seeing if getting the items at hand printed at Officeworks etc will provide something you can use with the pen you already have?
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I agree with focusing on the printer ink, if you haven't tried that already - have you tried letting the printer ink dry for a day or two before tracing over it? or getting them printed elsewhere?
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