How to make Windows 7 find all files. Like Mac program Easyfind.
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Hi everyone. Sometimes I'm trying to find an obscure system or game file, and it is actually very difficult to get Windows 7 to understand that, yes, I want it to search through ALL files on a disk.

Right now, as a test, for example, I am searching for "steamapps." I know the folder exists -- I can see it right in front of me. And yet, if I type it in the Start Menu search field, it just plain doesn't show up. About 10 minutes ago I tried typing it in the search field in the "My Computer" window. The computer is still, evidently, thinking that one over -- it says "searching", but nothing has come up yet (other than that my laptop is now heating up and hyperventilating, with explorer.exe running about 25 percent of CPU.)

So, is there a simple, free or cheap utility like "easyfind" on the Mac? I don't even need it to search inside files -- just filenames and partial filenames would be fine. I've found some evidence that well regarded program called "Everything" used to exist to this effect, but that seems to be defunct.
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Best answer: There's Everything Search Engine. Need to give it a few minutes to start indexing on your first run:
Locate files and folders by name instantly.

Small installation file
Clean and simple user interface
Quick file indexing
Quick searching
Minimal resource usage
Share files with others easily
Real-time updating
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Best answer: I use Agent Ransack.
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Response by poster: oh, I swear, when I was trying to pull the Everything website up yesterday, I was getting 404 errors. I guess their site must just have been down!
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Best answer: Launch command prompt as administrator.
cd \
dir /s steamapps

Or, for hidden files/folders:

dir /ah /s steamapps
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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