Christmas Entertainment in San Francisco?
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My wife and I usually visit our families on the east coast for Christmas. This year, however, my wife will be 35 weeks pregnant, so we're staying home in San Francisco. We'd like to find some festive Christmas events in San Francisco to entertain us that are local and compatible with being pregnant (so Santacon is probably out). Bonus points for events that are uniquely San Franciscan.
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There are holiday windows full of puppies and kittens at Macy's! And there is a 14 ft tall gingerbread house! I think it's at the Fairmont Hotel!

(Please take me with you! Ugh, why do I live in DC?)
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(BTW, I am talking about SF. I follow Lost SF and love it to pieces.)
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It looks like kung-pao kosher comedy is still going. I went about 10 years ago and it was great fun.
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How about the SF Gay Men's Chorus show at the Castro Theatre on Christmas Eve?

Chanticleer at St. Ignatius or one of the Christmas concerts at Grace Cathedral?
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The Dickens Fair runs through Dec. 22.
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SF Gay Men's Chorus.
Dance Along Nutcracker.
Smuin Ballet's Christmas Ballet.

(I work in entertainment and the Dance Along Nutcracker is my favorite show I have ever worked.)
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- The Great Dickens Christmas Fair (if you like Dickens at all and go in with a good attitude, it's pretty darn fun)
- The Smuin Christmas show

This year we'll also be going to Zoo Lights at the SF Zoo.
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It's not specifically Christmas-y but the Chantey Sing at Hyde Pier is fun and seems very SF to me. It's the first Saturday of each month.
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