Blanket of Earth?
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Tonight my 8 year old niece told me that for Christmas she wants a blanket for her bed that has a giant picture of Earth on it. I asked her if she saw this somewhere, and she told me that she just thought about how cool it would be in her own head. I tried doing a Google search, but I'm having no luck. Anyone have an idea of where I might find such a thing? Thanks!
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Lots of photo processors will make a blanket with a photo on it, for example, Walmart Digital Photo Center. NASA photos are largely in the public domain, so I'd think this would be very doable.
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Best answer: What about this or this?
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Response by poster: That first one is exactly what she described! Thank you!
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Here too! Lots of options.
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Looking again, the ones I linked to might not be the right size, so please check. The description says that the blanket is 60 inches long. Twin and full beds are 75 inches long, and queen and king beds are even longer.
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This might be a better length.
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Hmm, standard internet search?

nothing but earth blankets

example pic

ps: Oops, someone else got there first
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Also, you can order custom blankets made from any photo.
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