Any recommendations for SQL training in Lodi, California?
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Any recommendations for SQL training in Lodi, California?

Tall order, I know. My boss has asked me to find an outfit that can provide SQL training for myself and about five co-workers, preferably on-site. We've all had some exposure to SQL, enough that we can handle your basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE statements, but I think we're all clueless when you throw JOINs and stuff at us.

We work for the school district in Lodi, Calif., so cost will be an issue. If we had to go off-site to Stockton, that wouldn't be a problem; Elk Grove, maybe, but Sacramento or Pleasanton would be pushing it. Failing that, any recs for good online SQL training? Thanks in advance!
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SQLzoo is pretty neat for online learning. It tests you by letting you actually write queries and try them out against its data set.
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