Best laptop to install minecraft on.
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What is the best laptop to install minecraft pc on?

I have minecraft pc on a apple imac 2007 computer. It can't play the latest version of minecraft. Getting a new laptop for christmas want to buy the best one for minecraft.
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Any new laptop should be able to run minecraft just fine.
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Best answer: The critical element with running MineCraft is Java Runtime Environment (JRE). As long as you can utilize the latest version of Java on your laptop, MineCraft should run smoothly. (If it currently isn't running smoothly, upgrade your JRE version.) The MineCraft site has some tips on running MIneCraft Server on non-Windows OS, but this too all boils down to Java. (Java is a free download, by the way.)
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Best answer: Literally any of the cheap black friday laptops that aren't netbooks, tablets/convertibles, or celeron based will be fine. ANYTHING with a newer AMD CPU(google the CPU model and see what it says, you want something from 2013) with the AMD integrated graphics, or anything with an intel i3 3xxx or better.

Surf through here and here and pick out something that meets those criteria. There's tons of deals going on in the next couple days and lots of really decent laptops going for cheap. Yesterday a basic one that would handle minecraft no problem went on sale for $126. this for example is a good mid-range model as far as budget laptops go. You would also do well to check here. It's a coincidence i only pulled lenovos by the way, there's lots of other good deals going on right now. Lenovo outlet is just a regular source if ridiculous deals.

Out of curiosity though, what issues are you getting running minecraft on that iMac? did you install OSX mavericks(it supports it! it's free!). I can play starcraft 2 surprisingly smoothly on mine, which is the same generation. It would amaze me if i could run that but not minecraft, but there may be specific software or system requirements for running it on a mac i'm not aware of since i've never tried it on that machine. You can install all the latest updates of essentially everything on that imac though, and minecraft supports the intel HD3000 integrated graphics which are shittier than the dedicated GPU in that imac.
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Basically seconding everything already said:
  • Your iMac probably can run Minecraft if you upgrade the version of Java installed on it. I don't own a Mac, so I don't know the intricacies of updating Java on a Mac, unfortunately.
  • You'd have to work at finding a new laptop that didn't run Minecraft decently these days; as long as it runs Windows or Mac OS and isn't using an uber-cheap processor like emptythought mentioned, you'll be fine.

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Processor doesn't matter much, but graphics do. Any laptop I've seen with integrated graphics isn't very satisfactory. Almost any with discrete graphics seem to be a large improvement.
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It's not entirely clear from the OPs post whether they have a 2007 desktop Mac or a Macbook laptop. The Macbooks from 2007 had Intel GMA950 GPUs which were pretty terrible then, and are abysmal now. I have equivalent hardware in my Thinkpad X60s and it's only possible to play minecraft at a reasonable framerate if you turn the view distance right down and everything still turns slightly treaclish if it starts to snow.

The desktop iMacs were Radeon HD2400 cards, which ought to do OK though.

To answer the question: almost anything will do these days. Intel's latest integrated graphics are a *lot* better than they used to be & the AMD integrated graphics are even better (this is the one area where getting a laptop with an AMD chip makes sense: the GPU performance for the same price is much better, although I doubt you'd really notice the price difference once you account for all the other components in a laptop). Essentially anything you can buy today ought to be able to run Minecraft acceptably.
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Response by poster: emptythought,
I'm posting this for a young friend. I'm not familiar with his setup but he has this link and will be checking out all the links everyone posted.
It's a 2007 desktop Mac.
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In that case: What's the best laptop for a child ... who plays Minecraft?
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