Advanced parsing with procmail
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Procmail text parsing. Might you be able to help?

I'm attempting to set up an autoreply server where if you send mail in the form of, it will reply back to your@email.address. I've been playing around with regex's to parse the text, but it doesnt' seem to be clicking and I'm wondering if I'm missing something fundamental.
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Procmail's pattern-matching support is archaic. It's easy enough to use extended-egrep regexes in rule conditions, but not at all easy to use parts of the match results in the rule actions. Have you read section 6 and subsection 7.14 of the Procmail Tips page?
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Whenever I did that sort of thing in procmail, I'd let procmail handle the match, and have the action be a pipe to a program (usually in Perl, but that's just because I'd use Perl for that sort of thing, YMMV) that would take the whole message on stdin and extract the return address and send out the response message itself.
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Maildrop is the modern replacement for Procmail.
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Ooh. Gonna check out Maildrop. I'll look into piping as well, and thanks for the pointer, nicwolff -- been digesting the tips as best as possible for a few days!
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here's some chunks from my procmail that do similar things. first one sends an automated response from a file, second sends the output from a pipe. note that they just reply straight back, which is what you want by the sounds of things.

:0 h
* ^From.*(@(xxxx\.com|yyyyy\.com)|aaaa@|bbb.*ccccc)
* !^X-Loop:
| (formail -rtI"Precedence: junk"\
cat /home/andrew/.xxxx.msg) | $SENDMAIL -t

:0 h
* ^To.*
* !^X-Loop:
| (formail -rtI"Precedence: junk"\
echo "hello world") | $SENDMAIL -t
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oh, well after editing out "sensitive information" they're pretty much identical. but i hope you get the idea.
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Thanks andrew! My biggest challenge is really in getting:

from the TO headre chopped down into...


to form the reply address
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right, but you don't need it (unless i've misunderstood). you can just reply to sender, hence the examples above.
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Yample seems like another interesting alternative
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