How do I optimize the gift of diapers?
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I would like to give a subscription for diaper delivery to a friend. I want to make sure I do it right, though. Does anyone have experience with diaper subscriptions?

I know there are websites that let you buy 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions. The mom can log in when she needs diapers and order the right size. But these require you to pay up front.

When I look at the amazon subscription for Huggies, for instance, I see how I can schedule regular delivery and regular charges to my account, but I can't determine whether the subscription will adjust the size of the diapers. This subscription doesn't make much sense otherwise, though, because obviously the diapers need to grow with the child.

Does anyone know how to guide me here? I would be very grateful.

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We use Amazon Subscribe & Save for a monthly box of diapers. When we change sizes, we have to manually cancel the old subscriptions and add the new one. Perhaps you could put the subscription on your account, with shipping to your recipient, and they can let you know when they want to bump to the next size?
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Response by poster: I don't want them to know who gave them the gift, if possible...
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Perhaps you have a local diaper service that can do this. Tiny Tots in the SF Bay Area mostly does cloth diapers, but they can do compostable ones on a weekly delivery schedule. These diapers are not cheap though. They also do not compare with the magic of ones full of magic liquid absorbing chemicals.
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Unfortunately, the Amazon subscription needs to be changed manually, like ThePinkSuperhero said. Could you buy a 3 month subscription and renew when it's close to being up?
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I really don't think it's possible to do this without them knowing you're the one gifting the diapers. Or least not without taking the risk that you'll be sending them the wrong size diapers at some point. Babies are different sizes and grow on their own schedule so it's not possible to, say, order 3 months of size 1, then switch to size 2... unless you are in very regular (physical) contact with the baby in question, and can surreptitiously find out when they need to move up a size.
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Do you have to actually give the diapers? Can you give a gift card with an anonymous note that says "please use this for diapers"?

I never ordered my diapers online, because my little one grew so fast that I never knew if I was going to need to change sizes before we got to the next box. So much easier to exchange in-store.
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