Making the most of a professional windfall
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An opportunity to consult for a prestigious institution fell into my lap right as I've been trying to make a professional shift, how do I make the most of it?

I got cold-called by a prestigious museum and asked if I'd be interested in putting together a community-based sidebar to an exhibit. This would involve using my network of contacts in a given community, doing communications and outreach work to get people engaged, and putting together a related event at another location. They've asked me to put together a proposal and name my fee.

I'm in my late twenties, I have a well-paying job that I'm not tremendously interested in, and have been looking for a new job or internship where I would basically be doing THIS.

What should I do to get the most out of this opportunity, in terms of professional development, other than doing a really good job?
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Use it as an excuse to talk to people who could be future employers and/or collaborators. Ask them what worked for them, what didn't work, what they'd do differently, etc.
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Incorporate as an S-corp, and ask them if they would be OK with hiring your company instead of you as a freelancer. That way if it goes well, you can start a business and hire rather than sub-contract if it takes off.
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