Wool/Fleece Jacket for Women?
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Is there a jacket out there that is just like the LL Bean Wool Tek Hooded Jacket, but for women?

I like it mainly because it is wool (actual wool, not just stuff that looks like wool) outside and fleece inside. I'm fine with the "boyish" colors...I would probably get the anthracite, don't like pink, purple, teal or similar "girl" colors. But I'm worried it will look baggy on me, I'd like something that is a bit more slim fitting/tailored around the waist - not necessarily super snug, but not shapeless and boxy like a men's piece either. Don't really need a hood, actually no hood would be a plus. Under $150, please. Any ideas? I'm cold!!!
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Patagonia's Better Sweater came to mind. It's just above your price point at $159, but maybe you can get one on sale or with a coupon?
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I thought I found the perfect thing, but it's not wool.

A bit out of your price range but the quality is worth it, I swear.
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What I would do in your position is go ahead and order the men's jacket in a size smaller than the site indicates you ought to wear, and see how you like the fit. If it's good, great! If it's not, take advantage of L.L. Bean's excellent return policy.
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Oh, or what about this Icebreaker Women's Cascade Hood? Looks pretty similar but is cut for women, is made of merino wool fleece, comes from a good brand, and has good reviews. Maybe? It's too expensive, but maybe you can find a deal on eBay or something?
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Just FYI, that Patagonia sweater is polyester. It may still be a perfectly fine sweater, but if wool is mandatory then that's probably worth knowing.
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Woolrich has a few wool...rich offerings. 1 2 3 4 -- I have #4; I live in the country and wanted a non-"town" coat. It's nice, but it is a very off-to-chop-wood look. It is fairly nicely fitted, though. (If you see something you like Google the name; it may come up in other sizes/on sale/in other colours at places like Sierra Trading Post.)
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I have that Patagonia sweater. Actually I have 2. I bought them 5 years ago and I've been wearing them 2-3 times per week throughout the fall, winter and spring ever since. They are by a huge margin my favorite sweaters I've ever owned.
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