Antique Keyboard on Windows 8.1
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My beloved IBM M keyboard from 1991 works well on windows 8.1 with a USB adapter. Is there an Alt-something-something-something command that represents the Windows key on newer keyboards?
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If theres another key that you don't use, then you could remap it either in the registry or with a utility like SharpKeys
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Melismata has it. Ctrl-esc is your Windows key.
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Though control + escape will open the start screen for you, it won't be useful for other shortcuts. I personally have remapped Caps lock to act as my windows key using Sharpkeys; that lets me use other shortcuts (like windows x, l, p, and so on)
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I use Sharpkeys to remap capslock to windows key on my model m, and it works great
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Get one of these X-keys remappable mini keyboards.
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Before I traded in my Model M for a modern mechanical keyboard, I used Sharpkeys to remap my capslock.
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Roll your own programable keyboard with an Arduino.
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I use a Model M with Windows 7 and mapping Capslock as the Windows key works great. Apparently this is what everyone else does, too!

I did without this for awhile (I got used to hitting Ctrl+Esc for the Start menu), but there are lots of useful things you can't do via the keyboard otherwise -- Win+L to lock, or Win+Left/Right to shift windows around, etc...
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