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Practical gifts, coffee edition: please direct me toward a travel mug which meets these criteria: 1. All components of the mug must be permanently affixed TO the mug (no fully-detachable lids/etc). 2. It must be difficult to tip over. 3. It must be dishwasher-safe. 4. It must be durable. [Backstory: Mr. Julthumbscrew has lost-lids-to/inadvertently-destroyed/wept-copiously-about hundreds of sub-par mugs; I want to get him ONE MUG TO RULE THEM ALL.]
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In our household we got rid of all the other mugs and replaced them this. They have been crash tested by my engineer SO. LOVE these!
Not sure of your #1 spec though?
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I spend a lot of time researching and thinking about and using travel mugs, and I've never seen a good one where you didn't have to remove the lid to fill and clean the mug. I think the closest you're going to find is either the Contigo mentioned above or the Zojirushi stainless steel mug. In both cases you do have to fully remove the lid to fill and clean it, but the lid doesn't have to come off for any other reason. The Contigo is totally spillproof, the Zojirushi is still pretty difficult to make a mess with. They're both very durable (I abuse the heck out of mine) and keep liquids hot/cold for a ridiculously long time.
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Get him a vintage nautical captain's no spill/tip ceramic mug - look for Feltman Langer or Bearly Surviving brands. Try searching on eBay or etsy. The fact that these have survived the '80s must be a testament to their durability. The only problem is that they won't fit in any cup holders due to their wide stable bottoms.
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The Sweethome has a crazy detailed travel mug review and picks the Zojirushi one rhiannonstone mentions. Personally, my cabinets at home are filled with the contigo autoseals.

Solution to the lost lid problem? Buy him 2 or 3.
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The Thermos Element 5 is a crazy durable mug. The lid detaches, but it seems like you could drill the flange and add a chain to it.

Both my husband and son have and use this mug every dang day. It's the best thing I ever gifted.
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I have gone through a lot of mugs, and have started to look for the same requirements you do. My problem with the Zojirushi is that it's only 16 oz. For a 20 oz. option I suggest the insulated Kleen Kanteen with a cafe lid. The lid is detachable, but can be bought separately if it gets lost. It keeps my tea hot all day and has endured being dropped on the sidewalk more times than I'd like to admit.
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The top screws off and I would never wash it in the dishwasher but I will tell you I've never, ever found a coffee mug as awesome as this one.

I would add that I can't imagine how you could lose this lid -- it is how you drink from the mug -- and washing it out is very fast and easy.
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Seconding that a little JB weld and a chunk of stainless/brass ball chain (find it in the bathroom section of your local home improvement Borg) will make any lid captive to the mug.
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Yeah the lid thing is problematic and you may not find a travel mug with a permanently attached lid.

That said, you asked for a NO TIP mug. I hear ya! Use that as your search term and you'll get several. Here's a great one, but peruse the People Also Looked At images across the bottom for more. I'm soon in the market for a pair of no-tip travel mugs. Personally I'll get one like this and aim for a stainless, not plastic, interior. These tubby ones are great too, but tougher to clean. And kinda huge, which is desirable to some but not all.
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Update: Mr. Julthumbscrew has been using a pair of the Contigo mugs with the spillproof lids for a month or so and loves them. Thanks, ibakecake!
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