Designer bag too expensive: looking for similar affordable one
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I fell in love with the Fendi bag this woman is carrying, which I think is the 2Jours tote, or something quite similar. Barring winning the lottery, I'm not about to pay that much for a bag, and would like suggestions for a similar one. Details of what I like about the bag inside.

Price: Under $200. My inner cheapskate is still cringing at that price, but hey. I would prefer not to buy a counterfeit bag, although my ethics are slightly looser when it comes to downmarket knockoffs.

What I like:

Color: black or brown.

The proportions: how it's slightly wider than it is tall, how it's slightly wider at the base than it is at the top when empty. I'd be fine with straight-sided, but I don't like this shape.

The material: the leather looks sturdy and smooth, not saggy or bulgy. Preferably smooth matte leather or other sturdy material, not patent or shiny.

The design: the lack of ornamentation (I'd probably even take the tag off, if I got the original), no obvious zippers, buckles, loops on the straps, or fittings except for the discreet bar along the top and the metal loop the tag hangs from. This one is not terrible, but there's really too much frippery.

Bonus points if it's also got a long strap to hang on my shoulder when I'm tired of carrying it by hand.
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Best answer: Have you tried Zara? They have several types, and some of them are really good value for money.
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Best answer: The basic bowling bag is pretty gorgeous as well.
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Best answer: Does it have to be new? Vintage Coach bag.
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Best answer: Some real leather options (a bit over your budget, but close enough that a sale would put them within reach):

The J. Crew Claremont tote looks similar, but you know, a tote.

Michael Kors Selma - shape is not quite right, unless the sides can be tucked in

Non-leather from H&M
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Best answer: Here are a few from Charles & Keith: 1 2 3
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Best answer: The site Bello Iris has a lot of designer-style bags for under $100. At first glance, I found a couple that look like your style (1, 2, 3), but you can filter on all black bags, for instance, and browse through. I have browsed here before, but don't have any experience shopping from the site.

Shop Suey is another good site, I have a couple items from here, and they are always having sales. Here are a couple I found: 1, 2, 3
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Best answer: If it makes you feel any better the shape of that bag and the handles are a rip-off of the classic Hermes Kelly. Looking for knockoff or copies of the Kelly may yield better results.
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Best answer: This one from baginc looks fairly similar!
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Best answer: (Just wanted to note that the Claremont tote is 30% off now which brings it to $208)
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I haven't decided on a bag yet, so I'm marking them all best answer because you're giving me new places to look.
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How about the Fossil Sydney Satchel? Brown and black are currently out of stock online though.
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It's a softer silhouette, but J. Crew's Hughes satchel would also fit the bill (and your budget, provided you get it on their Black Friday sale).
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