Condo insurance conflict of interest?
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I'm in the process of buying my first condominium. Is using the same insurance agent that holds the condo association's insurance for my own homeowners/content policy a good idea? If not, any suggestions for insurance agents in the Bergen County area of NJ?
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No. You're getting different policies.

If you have a car, call your car insurance agent to see if they offer a discount for multiple policies. We did this with State Farm and it worked out really well.

Agents don't really matter although I'm fond of the folks in my agents office.

A lot of places offer quotes on-line, so check those first.
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Best answer: Using the same agent as the association's insurance was recommended to us by almost everyone involved in the buying/selling process when we purchased our first condo a couple years ago. I ended up not doing it simply because using the same company as my auto insurance got me a multi-line discount that was hard to pass up.
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My no was to the Condo Insurance being a conflict of interest. It's not. But do shop it around.
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