how to help the salvadoran anti-mining cause?
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I am Canadian and feel really sad about the lawsuit brought against the El Salvador government for banning mining. Are there any Canadian organizations to which I can donate money that will support El Salvador people in their fight against the mining companies? If not, do you know of any good organizations that work in the country that might be doing this indirectly?
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The Open Justice Campaign calls for the Canadian government to enact legislation to allow citizens of other countries access to our courts if these citizens have been harmed by international operations of Canadian companies. It is spearheaded by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability. Some of the participating organizations are Mining Watch Canada and Amnesty International. The situation in El Salvador is specifically referenced in this campaign.

I'm sure these organizations would like donations, but you can also sign petitions at the links that will go to the federal government.
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I'd write the El Salvador government and your own government. Tell El Salvador you think they are right and tell your own (and send it to your MP) that you think they are wrong. These things add up.
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