Looking for new-to-me abstract artists, especially painters
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I love abstract art and recently did a very thorough self-led course through its history. (I decided I am most a fan of lyric abstraction, if that helps at all.) Now I'm trying to get schooled in more current abstract artists (particularly painters), but it's hard to know where to go for info, especially for artists who are under the radar. I've been reading the major websites and I also looked into all the artists mentioned in this wonderful article: The Golden Age of Abstraction: Right Now and liked a lot of what I saw. I don't live in a big city and don't travel to cities often, so those aren't viable options for me. If you have any names for me to investigate or websites, etc. that feature exciting new abstract artists, please share. (I say new,but they don't have to be brand new--just don't try to introduce me to Damien Hirst or Jackson Pollock.)
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Response by poster: Also, I know the term "abstract" is pretty much meaningless these days and I should specify more of what I like, but my tastes really are very broad. I don't like geometrically inspired work all that much, and I tend to shy away from big blocky shapes of color. But I am fairly open and don't feel that listing my favorites would be that helpful.
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Helen Frankenthaler?

She's not "new", in fact I think she's no longer alive, but she's one of the Abstract Expressionists/Color Field Painters who's a little more obscure.

Have you checked out Lee Krasner's work? Speaking of Pollock.

You might also like the abstract work of Richard Diebenkorn and Philip Guston, before they "returned" to figurative painting.

Other abstract painters I happen to like, which mostly line up with Abstract Expressionism, but you might also like them:

Robert Motherwell
Barnett Newman
Hans Hoffman
Franz Kline
Clyfford Still
Kenneth Noland
Morris Louis

Totally not "lyrical abstraction" or anything related to it, but you might also like

Cy Twombly
Ellsworth Kelly
Robert Rauschenberg
Frank Stella
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Chuck Close
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Response by poster: Thank you! I am familiar with all of those and was hoping to find some who are more contemporary.
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For starters:

Cecil Touchon
David Weir
Pierre Soulages
Pat Steir
John Hoyland
Kenji Yoshida
Sei Arimori
Jacob Hashimoto
Takahiko Hayashi

Pinterest is a surprisingly good way to find new-to-you abstract artists.
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Not sure if exciting, but artsy.net has large collections for all things abstract (painting, scuplture, etc). Just search for 'abstract' in the search above.
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Gerhard Richter did some wonderful abstract art (in addition to lots of representational art). I recommend that you use Google Images to search both "Gerhard Richter abstract" and also "abstract art." You'll find lots.
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This is pretty good
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Japanese-Brazilians Tomie Ohtake, Manabu Mabe and Tikashi Fukushima
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Two of my favorite contemporary (and relatively established) abstract painters are Thomas Nozkowski and Andrew Masullo. The sporadic blog (fundamental) Painting features a lot of newer/emerging artists in a similar vein (what I might call "casual-chunky-post-Miro abstraction").
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Also Lucy Mink, Hugh Delap, and Paul Behnke.
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A good bet would be to check out fellowship, grant and reward recipients.
Not all will be abstract, but some will, and they will definitely be contemporary.
You might also like Young Painters
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The David Weir link goes to an athlete. Here's David Weir the artist.
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Norman McLaren
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I was surprised Julie Mehretu was not mentioned in that article. She's fantastic.
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