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Having wifi troubles, don't know why. Help!

I'm staying over a friend's place through the week and I'm having issues with the wifi. I have the password and I'm connected to the network but not the Internet. I tried resetting the router itself and my wifi connection, did the 'get new IP settings' option, all to no avail. I did a quick search and some people had malware as the cause, though I doubt it's that; my browsing these days is limited to e-mail, Facebook, and a few webcomics. I'm running a scan now just to be safe.

All the other devices in the household can connect with no problem. I've never tinkered with my PC's settings, so I'm not sure what it might be. I won't threadsit but I'm almost positive I'm omitting relevant info. I'll provide what answers I can (I have just enough tech know-how to get by).

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What IP address did the router assign to the PC?
posted by COD at 6:33 AM on November 25, 2013

Are either of the objects (router or pc) apple products?
posted by royalsong at 6:47 AM on November 25, 2013

There are some router settings that could cause this - Mac address or IP filtering, for example.
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Check any firewall settings you have. Also check proxy settings in Internet Explorer.
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Response by poster: COD: Check your MeMail.

royalsong: Neither is from Apple.

pipeski: If you could explain that more, that'd be much appreciated.

Foci for Analysis: Not sure what I ought to be looking for exactly.
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FYI - OP appears to have a valid internally routable IP address (10.0.0.x) - so the PC appears to be connecting to the router ok. I think that rules out a filter based on MAC addresses too as it wouldn't get the IP address without passing the filter first.

Without logging into the router I don't know what else to check at this point. I did advise to check IP on another device to confirm that it has a 10.0.0.x IP address, just in case the PC really isn't getting an IP from the router and that is an artifact of another network.
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Yes, do first check if other machines on the same network also have 10.0.0.x IP addresses.

Then, are you actually connected to the network? Can you see shared drives from other machines, for example?

And you are sure that the other machines are on the network, and can load current web pages (not cached versions)? CNN gives them current headlines?

If all of those are true, then the router must be filtering you out, I guess? Unlikely, as COD points out above, but who knows? I don't see many other options...
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