Is there an English version of these German publications
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On the weekend I discovered a great series of German magazines/publications: Karfunkel, especially the Karfunkel Combat series. I know my son would love this stuff, but his German is super basic. So is there an English magazine series anything like these?

- while combat/weapons are of interest, NOT gun or knife magazines
- while we are interested in various historical periods, NOT something really generic like BBC history magazine. I find a lot of British publications really seem to be only interested in the Romans, the Tudors, First World War and Second World War (I realise much of this is due to that is what is studied in history classes in UK schools).
- what I like about the Karfunkel magazines and books is they have lots of illustrations and a good amount of writing about 'everyday' life.
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It's not a magazine, but the Osprey Men-at-Arms series is huge and covers pretty much all of military history. They tend to focus on a particular side in a particular war/era, focusing on individual units if the time period is really detailed. There is a lot of Medieval/Ancient stuff, and they are not too expensive. You could round a present out with a "Daily Life in ..." type of book.
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Response by poster: Oh, we love the Osprey books! that is kind of what I was leaning towards, but in a magazine form. Great suggestion
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