When does Dorothy's dream begin in Wizard of Oz?
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In the 1939 film version of Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wakes up and discovers her trip to Oz was all a dream. But when does the dream begin?

If the dream starts when the window frame breaks and hits her on the head during the tornado, why is there no damage to the house at the end? And if the dream starts when she falls in the pig pen, and she dreamt the entire tornado, then why does Professor Marvel come and visit her (since he only met her in the dream)?
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Prof. Marvel is the turbaned fortuneteller she meets before the tornado. I would chalk the rest up to continuity goofs (there was more than one director).

In the books Dorothy makes several trips to Oz before settling there permanently with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em.
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If she was unconscious for more than a day, it seems possible that the window could have been repaired. In the final scene where she wakes up in Kansas I get the feeling she's been out for a long time. Great question, though.

Edit: I just rewatched the scene and it seems like the same day as the tornado. It actually looks like the window hasn't been repaired.
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